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Zusammenfassung: Полицейский с Рублёвки online The television tragicomic story about a young guy named Grisha Izmailov, who became a policeman and was called to protect peace and order in the most elite area of ​​the city of Moscow and the Russian Federation. The guy has to investigate the cases in which the residents of Rublyovka get involved, and he does this, often exceeding his authority. Grisha is about 30 years old, he is handsome, lonely, rich, cynical, passionate and tre ... ats everything with a fair amount of black humor. He takes care of his younger sister Nika, who he is forced to constantly get out of trouble. He regularly mocks his boss, Volodya, who thinks that Grisha was sent to him for all his deadly sins. The main character’s best friend is Mukhich, a colorful, clumsy fat man who has no success with girls. Grisha himself, without exerting effort, knows how to please women, for example, his girlfriend - prostitute Christina, but can never achieve reciprocity from Alena, who has long been in love with mehr

Siehe Online-Serie Полицейский с Рублёвки premiere (2016) Sie können hier diese Reihe von Online-Fernsehen in Deutsch und Deutschland, mit Audio-HD in Deutsch online sehen, Полицейский с Рублёвки Serie, die auf Englisch aufgerufen werden kann Полицейский с Рублёвки Aufgrund des Originaltitels der Serie können Sie alles absolut kostenlos herunterladen Полицейский с Рублёвки (2016) schnelle Downloads und Online-Anzeige erfolgt in HD-Qualität Online-TV. Lebe Полицейский с Рублёвки (2016) Du kannst auch mit Untertiteln, der Serie Полицейский с Рублёвки in Deutsch, Полицейский с Рублёвки und Audio in deutscher Sprache, Полицейский с Рублёвки in Deutsch, tv show Полицейский с Рублёвки ist online, Полицейский с Рублёвки (2016) herunterladen und herunterladen.

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